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About us

Litera Valley School, a harbinger of hope and an institution committed to excellence, has dedicated itself to the mission of shaping the young students laced with intellect, skills, integrity and courage. The school is managed by "Vivashwan Educational and Welfare Society" in collaboration with Zee Learn under the founder Director, Shri Amit Prakash who firmly believes in the soul searching words of Aristotle, who said, "The energy of the mind is the essence of the life".

From the time it was established in the year 2007, the school has carved out its own niche and took giant leaps in the field of K-12 Education. Today it is one of the most prominent and hence sought-after co-education schools in city of Patna, Bihar. It is the pioneer in Smart Class Education and has technology-enabled classrooms with LCD Projectors, fully equipped state-of-the-art labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Science, Mathematics and languages. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. It inculcates values of social concern, compassion and discipline essential for building strong character. It also equips the students with knowledge and skills needed to grow into resourceful and responsible citizens. For all these reasons the school is much sought-after in this region and hence boasts of a robust strength.

Mission & Our Hallmark

We epitomize vitality, dynamism, energy and vigor. The institution, as a nurturer of academic excellence believes by teaching creatively, holistically, and insightfully in a safe, secure and effervescent atmosphere. Our mission statement "POTENTIAL EST INTUS" exemplify all we undertake can usher in the students the steel determination and confidence to meet with the challenges of the future dexterously making a better today and brilliant tomorrow. We endeavor for close partnership with the parents who can familiarize themselves with the vision, mission and the objectives of the school to enjoy the fruits of good education. Our mission is to provide an environment which encourages questioning mind making them explore new fields of knowledge.


In the light of our mission following are our objectives which are translated into action:

  1. Relentless endeavor to widen the cognitive span and enrich life skills.
  2. Mould the latent talent of the students.
  3. To make the pupils rely on themselves and face the challenges of life.
  4. To prepare them as a responsible citizen.
  5. Inculcate commitment towards work and social responsibilities.
  6. To develop them as leaders of tomorrow.
  7. To help the students showcase their talents richly to instill self-confidence.
  8. Recognize the fact that every child is unique.
  9. To make the students explore not only the outer word but also the inner conditioning.
  10. To create the right climate so that the child may develop fully as a human being.


The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the largest education board in the country. The school has the Pre- Primary Program that comprises of Nursery and Preparatory (Prep.).

The Primary School Program comprises of Classes I-IV. The middle school Program comprises of Classes V-VII, the Secondary School Program comprises of Classes VIII-X and the Senior Secondary School Program comprises of Classes XI-XII. The Litera Octave approach not only trains the student to tackle the assessments and evaluations but also takes into account many factors that affect the growing child/adolescent. It takes into consideration their individual, emotional and intellectual needs, gives them experiences in an environment which is conducive to their physical and mental well being through a well woven curriculum framework combined with life skill and career counselling sessions.


The School is affiliated to the CBSE and English is the medium of instruction.

The Academic year at School consists of two Semesters:

- First Semester from April 1 to Sep. 30, and

- Second Semester from Oct. 1 to March 30

Some basic features:

Rather than following the system of streaming the students according to their performance, they are randomly divided into sections.

  • The School follows a five and a half day week consisting of 40 periods (each period is referred to as a 'school' of 40 minutes each).
  • The overall student/teacher ratio is 15:1, and the average strength of a class is around 40 students.
  • The students opt for Sanskrit as 3rd language in Class V and learn the same till Class VIII.
  • Our well-stacked school library subscribes to a variety of newspapers and magazines and also has computers with internet connections. Being informed on current affairs is a vital link to the outside world. Every student is provided with a daily newspaper of his choice to ensure that that link is sustained.
  • The Archives provide a rich insight into the school's past, are meticulously maintained and serve as a treasure trove of information for the historically-inclined.