School Laboratories

LVS has well equipped laboratories for the subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Biology Labs etc. are being upgraded, year after year, in line with the syllabus.

chemistry laboratory


The chemistry laboratory of LVS is well-furnished and equipped. The faculty is experienced and well organized. The apparatus is of excellent quality and the best standard. Students acquire good knowledge and experience while doing the practical experiments. The lab is under camera surveillance which decreases the chance of using unfair means and misuse. It is well ventilated and provides comfort and ease to the student in action.

physics laboratory


A spacious laboratory boasting of excellent practical equipment for around 70-80 students, the physics lab is a place for learning, practical application and most importantly, team work and exchange of ideas.

biology laboratory


The school is equipped with a modular laboratory with modern facilities covering various branches of Biology like Microbiology, Cell studies, Genetics, Environmental Science and so on. Well-ventilated and natural light on the spacious work areas accommodating about 50 students at a time.

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